14 ICG

Invitation for Proposal: 14th International Conference on Goats 2026

Dear Members of the International Goat Association and prospective hosts,

The International Goat Association is accepting proposals for the 14th International Conference on Goats to be held in 2026. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Christian DeVries, IGA’s Executive Director (admin@iga-goatworld.com) for more information.

The International Goat Conference (IGC) is a scientific and social meeting to present new research findings and provide expert input into important issues of goat production, health, food value chains, etc. Our conferences attract scientists, scholars, veterinarians, government personnel, extension workers, and producers from all over the world. Past meetings have been held successfully in the United Kingdom, France, USA, Brazil, India, China, South Africa, Mexico, Spain, and Turkey. The 13th International Conference on Goats will be a virtual conference, September 18-23, 2022.

The IGA’s Board of Directors will meet during the 13th ICG to review conference bids and hear presentations. Interested host countries are asked to present their proposals to the IGA Board during the conference.

To prepare for the proposal, please refer to the IGA Board Guidelines for Planning an International Conference of Goats (https://www.iga-goatworld.com/conference-planning.html)

We appreciate your interest in continuing the tradition of the International Goat Association.

Noemí Castro Navarro